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The Heirloom Toy Train

A five-car Train that's loads of fun for you to build -- and durable enough to be around for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy


Glue the Cab Sides to the Firewall (H). With your MARK V's Table still tilted to 15-degrees, cut the mating inside edges of the Cab Roof (K) to create the proper Roof pitch. Glue the two halves of the Roof together, then glue the entire Roof assembly to the top of the assembled Cab. For added strength, these (and all) component joints can be reinforced with dowels or screws.

4. Glue the turned Boiler (O) to the Boiler Mounts (G). Reinforce these glue joints with countersunk flathead screws, driven up through the bottoms of the Mounts and into the Boiler.

Drill shallow, 1" dia. holes in the Top of the Boiler to accept the Smokestack (P) and Pressure Dome (Q). Refer to the pattern for proper positioning.

5. Temporarily, assemble the Wheels to their Mounts. Position the wheel assemblies under the Platform and the Boiler and Cab assemblies on top of the Platform. The back of the Drive Wheels (M) should be flush with the back of the Cab and the Truck Wheels (L) must not rub against the CowCatcher. Once you're comfortable that you have all of the assemblies aligned properly, mark for position and disassemble them.

6. Glue on the Boiler and Cab assemblies and reinforce them with dowels or screws, as you prefer.

7. Glue the Truck Wheel Mounts (D), Drive Wheel Mounts (E) and Engine Coupler (F) to the Platform. Take care to be sure the axle holes line up properly. Refer to the pattern for the position of the Coupler. Reinforce with dowels or screws, as you prefer.

The underside of the engine, showing the reinforcing screws before they are covered with dowels.

8. Insert the Axles (R) through their Wheel Mounts (D&E) and glue the Wheels onto the ends, being careful not to allow excess glue or squeeze-out to touch the Mounts.

9. Using a Sander or rasp, create a 3/4" wide flat spot on the Pistons (N) and glue them into position on the edge of the Platform (A), above the Rear Truck Wheels (L). Reinforce with dowels or screws, as you prefer.

10. Glue the Smokestack (P) and Pressure Dome (Q) into the holes in the top of he Boiler (O).


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